Bark not worse than bite

It’s not so much they are deadly; they’re just scary looking. We’re talking scorpions here, folks. Arizona scorpions to be exact. And even though they may look dreadful of all the scorpions found with the areas of the United States, only one, the “Bark” scorpion, can potentially harm humans. For the uninformed, scorpions are members in good standing of the “arachnid” family, and characterized by four pairs of jointed legs and a long, segmented tail. It’s the tip of the tail you don’t want to mess around with because it has a venomous stinger much like a sharp needle being placed into your body. Of the 1,300 species of scorpions worldwide, only about 30 of those species call Arizona home.Scorpion-Control-Pest-Control

Scorpions are not only clever, they’re smart. They can find a way into a home where other insects wouldn’t have a chance. Knowing that, those people living in a desert area like Arizona need to know how to manage and kill these creatures if necessary to avoid being stung. That said in order to be effective and control the conditions of the scorpion, you and your chosen pest control company need to target contributing conditions of scorpion habits; the food they love and where they live. If you live in the desert area of Arizona, here is some pertinent information you need to copy from this article.

To control the infestation of scorpions remember this:
* Scorpions are always hungry and on the lookout for a decent meal. Ergo, if you have recently noticed an abundance of scorpions hanging around your home; especially at night, they especially love to dine on crickets, spiders and roaches.
* Scorpions can live for months without food and like most of the large cactus plants in Arizona, they can live on water as long as it’s available.
* Scorpions hide under rocks, concrete, or other stuff laying around that’s out of the sunshine.
* Scorpions have the habit of entering homes without invitations from the homeowner. We’ll give you advice on how to solve that conundrum in the next paragraph.

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In Arizona scorpions and the nasty and deadly “Bark” scorpion can live all year long and reproduce up to eight years. They can also tolerate not only the heat, but the coldest temperature as well. So the best thing for any homeowner wishing to control these creatures of the desert, is to locate a Arizona Scorpion Pest Control company who controls the scorpion infestation for a living and use them year round.

Note: Scorpions do not inhabit attics in the desert heat. They will always vacate to cooler areas during summer months. Yet are often found dead in bathtubs and sinks. So make sure your concrete is sealed, caulk your block fence, weather strip your doors, and add door sweeps on exterior doors. Also replace outdoor light bulbs with “yellow” bulbs; scorpions hate the color yellow. Finally, make sure not to overwater. Scorpions will always seek water and your outside yard is one of the best places to look.